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Last update: January 2, 2024

Does MindProbe use cookies and trackers?

MindProbe uses Google Analytics to monitor site usage by users (researchers). Google Analytics does not monitor participants while they are participating in experiments. Data stored by Google Analytics is anonymous, and is not considered part of the user (researcher) data as described below. No other trackers or cookies are used.

Where is the MindProbe server located?

The MindProbe server is physically located within the European Union, and is hosted by Digital Ocean.

How secure is MindProbe?

MindProbe uses encryption for all network traffic. The JATOS server software is kept up to date.

How is data on MindProbe backed up?

All data on MindProbe is backed up once a week. Therefore, export your result data regularly, because in the (unlikely) case of a server failure you may lose up to a week of data. We do not have the capacity to help troubleshoot or recover lost data.

What user (researcher) data is stored on MindProbe?

A user (researcher) account on MindProbe only contains an email address and a real name.

What participant data is stored on MindProbe?

The kind of participant data that is collected by a study depends on how the study is implemented. It is the responsibility of the user (researcher) to ensure that participants are sufficiently informed of what data is being collected and of the rights that participants have with respect to their own data, and that data collection is in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Who owns user (researcher) data on MindProbe?

The user (researcher) owns his or her own data.

Who owns participant data on MindProbe?

Participant data is owned by the user (researcher) who created the study. If a study has multiple members (researchers), then the corresponding participant data is co-owned by all members.

How do I delete user (researcher) data on MindProbe?

A user (researcher) can delete his or her user account, after which all user (researcher) data has been deleted.

How do I delete participant data on MindProbe?

A user (researcher) can delete a study, after which all associated participant data has been deleted.

What does MindProbe do with user (researcher) data?

Nothing. User (researcher) data is stored solely for the purpose of providing the intended service (i.e. running online experiments).

What does MindProbe do with participant data?

Nothing. Participant data is solely stored for the purpose of providing the intended service (i.e. running online experiments).

Who runs MindProbe?

MindProbe is a joined product of two companies, LindenLoot and CogSci, which are both registered in The Netherlands. The European Society of Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) is the main financial sponsor of MindProbe, but MindProbe is independent from ESCoP.