MindProbe is a server to host online experiments. This server runs the open-source software JATOS, which is compatible with several free software packages for developing online experiments, including OpenSesame/ OSWeb, jsPsych, and Lab.JS. MindProbe is sponsored by ESCOP, with Journal of Cognition as their official journal. MindProbe is free.

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If you agree with our privacy and ethics policy and terms of use and want to use MindProbe for your research, send a request by email to info@mindprobe.eu. In this email, provide a brief description (a few lines suffice) of your affiliation (independent researchers are also welcome) and the type of experiments that you want to conduct. We will grant all serious (i.e. non-spam, non-abusive) requests. Feel free to request multiple accounts at once, for example for multiple lab members.


MindProbe does not provide technical support through email. For support, please visit our forums:

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